Why Flying Penny?

When my mom died a few years ago, I started seeing bright, shiny pennies on the ground, twinkling up at me, calling my name. I had heard that when a person passes, there is a time they can communicate, and often drop pennies in a loved ones path. "Pennies from heaven." I asked my sister, who had not heard of this, but HAD been seeing lots of pennies these days as well.

We'd share "Pennies I saw today" stories and they were amazing. My favorite, when I was flying back to Cleveland from North Carolina, on the day Hurricane Sandy was swirling about, providing us with a very bumpy ride. When we landed, my husband, Charlie, opened the overhead compartment to retrieve his briefcase, and out FLEW a penny, that landed right on my heart. 'Flying Penny' was born. Mom was watching over me. I could feel her presence.