What Inspires Me?

One thing I love about painting is that it makes me look at my world with alert eyes. I am constantly looking at shadows, and shapes, and reflections and colors. How would I paint that? What colors would I mix? Can I turn that observation into art?

If I had to get up early and drive a long distance, I'd begrudgingly drag myself out of bed and shuffle out the door. Now, I am excited at the thought of watching the sun come up, lighting up the clouds and the sky.

Painting enriches my life and brings me incredible pleasure. I am constantly inspired by light, reflection, shapes and color. Lately my paintings have become more abstract, as I become aware of capturing mood and feeling. Something beyond the physical. Adding interpretation and thought to the skill of putting paint on canvas.

Why Flying Penny?

When my mom died a few years ago, I started seeing bright, shiny pennies on the ground, twinkling up at me, calling my name. I had heard that when a person passes, there is a time they can communicate, and often drop pennies in a loved ones path. "Pennies from heaven." I asked my sister, who had not heard of this, but HAD been seeing lots of pennies these days as well.

We'd share "Pennies I saw today" stories and they were amazing. My favorite, when I was flying back to Cleveland from North Carolina, on the day Hurricane Sandy was swirling about, providing us with a very bumpy ride. When we landed, my husband, Charlie, opened the overhead compartment to retrieve his briefcase, and out FLEW a penny, that landed right on my heart. 'Flying Penny' was born. Mom was watching over me. I could feel her presence.

"Looking Up"

Please come on Friday, April 11, 2014, from 5-9 pm to see my work in "Looking Up", a group show with The Tower Press Artists Group at The Wooltex Gallery in the Tower Press Building, 1900 Superior Avenue, Cleveland, OH. Works from 16 artists were selected by Robert Thurmer, Director of The Galleries at CSU. There will be a Curator Conversation at 6:30pm. Also enjoy live music, Touch food truck, wine, and free parking.

Artists include: Erica Miller, Jessica Newell, Eric Rippert,  Michael Greenwald, Billy Nainiger, Damian Venditti, Kathy Lynn, Robert Banks, JenMarie Zeleznak, Christopher Stofan, Deb Lawrence, Dan Morgan, Michael S. Levy, Scott Murphy, Anne Kibbe and Clarence E. Van Duzer