My artistic focus became clearer as a Fibre Arts student at The Philadelphia College of Art in 1972. Earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 1976, I moved to Los Angeles, CA. to be with my sister and subsequently started a weaving shop with a friend. Commissions were easy to come by when your partner knows half of Hollywood but days spent bending over a loom were not what I wanted. Working in the regional headquarters for Circle Fine Arts Galleries became more satisfying- organizing shows, overseeing production of the custom frame shop, and working with the staff of 12 of their galleries was much more fun.

Then one night at a poker game at my boss’s house, I met a man who introduced me to his cousin. I fell in love and moved back to New York City, where I worked as a Project Manager for Robert Gersin, Assoc., a leading industrial design firm for 5 years. Then my husband and I started a family. Being married to a liver transplant surgeon and having 3 daughters, my art became projects I created with my girls or dinners I elaborately prepared for friends or quilts I created for organ donor awareness.

Now that my girls are grown, I have time to re-focus my creativity. I still love to come up with projects with my girls, and elaborately create dinner events. But now I also have a studio in downtown Cleveland and am spending part of my days painting. My current focus is landscapes and my medium is acrylic. When I go to my studio, I get right to work and don’t think about what I’m going to do or if it will be something beautiful. This is a time when I want to explore, try new things, take chances, push some limits.

My main goals at this time are to sharpen my vision, improve my technique and have fun doing it. Be brave, be daring, be adventurous.